Facts & Figures

Since when, how high, how long, how many, why and why not. Here you will find bare facts and figures.
1893 That year, the Engadine Golf Club in Samedan opens the first golf course in Switzerland which is still played on today.
A good 99'000 ... members are licensed in Switzerland.
  • more than 33'700 Women
  • more than 59'500 Men
  • more than 2'000 Girls
  • more than 4'000 Boys
98 Clubs ... are currently members of Swiss Golf, as well as the two public golf organisations ASGI and Migros GolfCard.
1'530 holes ... are measured in Switzerland in accordance with the USGA Course Rating guidelines.
666 meters  ... the lenght of the 11th hole at Golf Limpachtal. This makes the only par-6 in Switzerland the longest hole in Switzerland too.
9 holes ... the minimum to be admitted as a club to Swiss Golf.
45 holes ... the number of holes St. Apollinaire the largest club of Swiss Golf.
At an altitude of 2000 metres ... is the Riederalp Golf Club, making it the highest 9-hole course in Europe. 
Around 200 Tournaments

... a year are organised by Swiss Golf on the various courses. This ranges from U12 junior tournaments to the Seniors’ Omnium.

Around 390,000 individual scores

... a year on average are processed in the central Handicap System.

Around 28 rounds

...the average handicap in Switzerland.

More than 400

... volunteering days at 77 tournaments are provided by our volunteer referees.

35 Driving Ranges

... are available in Switzerland in addition to the driving ranges and practice facilities of the clubs.

11 short courses ... exist in Switzerland, which, in addition to the driving ranges and practice facilities of the clubs, allow for quick and easy golf training.
In 29 Indoor-Anlagen ... you can play the most beautiful courses in the world and even train during the winter months.