History in facts and figures

1902 The "Schweizerische Golfverband" was founded in Lucerne, in 1902, as the “Swiss Golf Association”. Foreign tourists were the driving force in Switzerland. The first courses came into being in St. Moritz (1891), Samedan (1893), Montreux (1900) and Lucerne (1902). Four men founded the first association on the “Old Continent” in the Hotel National of Lucerne in 1902. The first President was Arthur C. Crosfield. Nine years earlier, the Golf Union of Ireland had been established and, in 1894, it was the turn of the American Golf Association.

1945 After the Second World War, the then ASG encompassed 18 clubs. However, the number of members was just 560.

1955 Lenzerheide-Valbella was only the seventh 18-hole course to have been completed. Prior to that, Arosa and Niederbüren golf club in Eastern Switzerland, with their short courses, had been admitted as new members. The only club with more than 300 members at that time was Geneva.

1965 Golf had its first growth spurt: the number of golfers increased to 3,500. The clubs even had difficulty coping with the expansion.

1975 In the meantime, at least 27 clubs had been formed and, within just ten years, the number of golfers had almost doubled again to 6,700.

1981 The Association, which had been run exclusively on a voluntary basis up to then, acquired a part-time (50 per cent of a full-time post) secretary for the first time. This role was assumed by John C. Storjohann, who was in charge of the then ASG up to the end of 2010.

1985 Back then, the number of members was just under 12,000. Gratifyingly, for the first time, more than 1,500 juniors, boys and girls, were registered members.

1995 Meanwhile, just short of 25,000 golfers were milling around on the courses of Switzerland. Of them, almost exactly one in ten was a junior. Courses too were now progressing rapidly in stages. The ASG consisted of 51 member clubs and the new 9-hole course on the Riederalp was now the highest one in Switzerland (at an altitude of 2,000 metres).

2005 The number of clubs rose immediately to 88. Nearly 50,000 men and women were now actively playing golf in Switzerland. The proportion of juniors increased to well over 10 per cent.

2010 With nearly 80,000 active members, including a good 7,200 juniors, the Golf Association was attracting large numbers once again. Since 2008, the Association of Independent Golfers (ASGI) and the Migros-Genossenschaftsbund (Federation of Migros Cooperatives) have been affiliated to the ASG. The Association encompasses 94 member clubs.

2019 At the Delegates’ Assembly, a large majority voted for the new statutes and the new name Swiss Golf. The two public golf organisations ASGI and GolfCard Migros were integrated into the Association by statute.

2020 Because of the Corona crisis, the Delegates’ Assembly had to be conducted in writing for the first time. In total, more than 94,000 women and men golfers play in the 98 golf clubs and the two public golf organisations.

2021 Among other motions, a new membership category for pitch & putt, driving ranges and indoor facilities (DPI for short) is introduced at the written Delegates' Assembly. The number of golfers grows again to almost 96,000.
On 7 March, Swiss Golf Honorary President and "Monsieur Golf" Gaston Barras dies.

2022 Due to Corona, this year's Delegates' Meeting was also held in writing. All motions of the Board received a very clear majority. Gabrielle Desaules, Eveline Fasser Testa, Annette Weber-Hadorn and Etienne Marclay are new members of the Board.