Our Strategy 2020 - 2024.

Where we are heading – our vision

We stand for sustainability, health and the lifelong enjoyment of golf. We are leading the sport of golf into a successful future together with our partners.

What we are doing – our mission

We promote golf as a sport, create an open and attractive framework, support the members and develop our talented players into successful elite athletes.

What is important to us: the values

  • We lead transparently and respectfully.
  • We act responsibly and service-oriented.
  • We inspire together and passionately.

How we want to do it: together

With the people
In our sports association, people create the added value. It is our staff and the many volunteers who provide the multitude of services for members and golfers. Without our countless volunteers, we would not be able to fulfil our work. We are very grateful to all of them. People are at the centre of everything we do.

With the network

We are well embedded in the world of sport and are supported by a large network: The Clubs, the Public Golf Organisations and all their members and volunteers. Our affiliated associations work closely with us. Our sponsors support us generously. Our national and international partners help us, especially Swiss Olympic, FOSPO and Y+S.
Maintaining and expanding our networks is at the heart of everything we do.

Our culture

Switzerland has linguistic, cultural and regional diversity. We have people with different workloads and many, many volunteers. We take this diversity into account.
Our services are geared to the needs of our clients. We try to recognise trends at an early stage and act accordingly.
Timing is important in our sport, also in our change processes. We give you and ourselves the necessary time for the outlined change.

One thing is certain: it can only be done together.

The strategy focus points

We want to establish Swiss players, both women and men, on the top tours.
New golfers
We want more juniors, more families and, generally, more people playing golf in Switzerland.
Supporting the clubs
We would like to help the clubs to retain their existing members and gain new ones.
We want to show the environmental, economic and social sides of golf and raise awareness among all golfers about sustainability.
We want clear, transparent and up-to-date communication with all target groups.
Structure and processes
We want a customer-oriented structure, clear, documented processes that are lived out in practice and up-to-date rules.