As an association and employer, we stand for the following values:
  • We lead with transparency and respect.
  • We act responsibly, focusing on service.
  • We inspire together and with passion.

For the implementation of our strategy, we are guided by the “Ethics Charter” of Swiss Olympic, the “Spirit of the Game” of The R&A, and our own “Code of Conduct”.

Spirit of the Game

Traditionally, the sport of golf is closely associated with ethical values. Golf is played predominantly without the presence of a referee, umpire or judge and is founded on the honest endeavours of every individual player to show consideration for other players and to play according to the rules.
All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined way and show courtesy and sporting spirit at all times, irrespective of how ambitious they may be. That is the true spirit of the game.
Accordingly, respecting rules and etiquette is a central element of the programme content in the training of golfers of all age categories and performance levels.