How do I apply

If you fulfil our clearly defined criteria, don’t hesitate to apply for the “Rookies” team.

Swiss Golf squad: nomination criteria for 2021-2022


1. Introduction

The basic idea of the structure is for the players to learn how to play golf within the framework of the junior programmes of their club and for the promising talents to then develop and improve their skills within the squad in order to play at national and international level.

The squad structure for the training has been divided into 12 regions to achieve this. Every squad has its own structures, for which the coach is responsible. The main emphasis is on the long-term development of every player.


2. Selection and nomination criteria


2.1  How do I become a new member of a Swiss Golf squad?

Juniors who would like to become a member of a Swiss Golf squad are asked to draw up an application consisting of a set of documents as follows, and to send it to the junior captain of their club:

  1. Application letter written by the registered juniors (boys or girls): this letter should include a brief description of the applicant’s golfing background to date, the reasons for applying, the sporting goals and confirmation of the support of the parents or legal guardians. Please also enclose the handicap scoring record.
  2. The parents complete the 2021 Junior Information Sheet online.
  3. Online enrolment for the Swiss Golf Junior Q-School (23.-24.10.2021, see 2.2)
  4. Juniors born in 2010 and 2011 must also provide a written recommendation from their own Swiss PGA pro.
  5. Juniors of foreign nationality are asked to inform Swiss Golf about any naturalisation process that may be under way to acquire Swiss nationality.


2.2  Procedure and deadline

The junior captain collects all applications from club juniors and sends them to Swiss Golf by 22nd August 2021 at the latest. Swiss Golf in Epalinges must receive the application by that date.

The juniors will be informed by 6th September 2021 whether their application has been considered.

The evaluation by Swiss Golf coaches will take place in the respective regions by 25th October 2021 (scouting days, observation of the juniors at tournaments, invitations to training sessions, etc.). The Swiss Golf Junior Q-School is the conclusion of the evaluation phase.

Swiss Golf Junior Q-School:
Juniors whose applications have been considered are invited to the Swiss Golf Junior Q-School; participation is compulsory.

Date: 23 and 24 October 2021
Place: Golf Club Gams-Werdenberg
Formula: Stroke play
2 days: 18 holes on Saturday, 18 holes on Sunday

The applicant should enrol online by 22nd August 2020, at the same time as their application.


2.3  Sporting prerequisites for applying

Swiss Golf considers all applications from juniors born in the years from 2004 to 2009 who are listed in the national Order of Merit for their age category.

Juniors born in 2010 and 2011 must also provide a written recommendation from their own Swiss PGA pro.
Juniors in this age category (U12 in 2021) can only be offered a place on the Swiss Golf squad in exceptional cases.
Swiss Golf reserves the right to reject an application, even if it fulfils the prerequisites.

2.4  Selection procedure

In an initial phase, Swiss Golf considers the applications received and confirms to the juniors, by 6th September 2021, whether they can be included in the selection procedure. Juniors who do not fulfil the sporting prerequisites are also informed in writing.

From 6th September until 24th October 2021, the Swiss Golf coaches will carry out the observation of the juniors. The evaluation is carried out according to the Swiss Golf PISTE concept. Applicants who are accepted receive a Regional Swiss Olympic Talent Card for the following year.
Blank PISTE evaluation sheet
PISTE explanation

The decision on whether to offer a place on the squad is made by week 45 at the latest.

Boys and girls are offered a place on the Swiss Golf squad by the relevant coach of the respective squad in agreement with the Swiss Golf Head of Competitive Sport, according to the stipulated nomination criteria, including, among other things, the following:

  • Motivation and willingness to pursue golf as an entire and integral sport (according to the guidance of the coach of the respective Swiss Golf squad and of the home pro);
  • Willingness and intention to follow the programme of the Swiss Golf squad;
  • Willingness to set priorities to make golf a top priority.


2.5  Being part of a Swiss Golf squad

In principle, the boys and girls are offered a place on the Swiss Golf squad in the same region as that of their home club. For sporting or logistical reasons, Swiss Golf assigns the boys and girls to the region nearest their respective place of residence.