Newcomers to golf can prove that they can play at a brisk pace, move safely and confidently on the golf course, do not endanger themselves or other golfers and have a fundamental knowledge of the rules.
Course authorisation
Achieving the course authorisation involves the following stages: 

A: Theory: (test supervised by a person designated by the club)
Theory test: 40 questions about etiquette and rules. You pass the test if can you answer at least 28 questions correctly.

B. Playing on the driving range: (test supervised by a Swiss PGA pro)
The practical test on the practice ground (putting green, chipping green or driving range) can be held in one or more hours/stages. The pro checks the scores and enters them onto a test card.

The following are tested:

  • Tee shots: shots from the teeing ground; 6 balls; objective: 3 out of 6 balls in flight over a distance of 80m for men and 70m for women.
  • Long game: shots with a wood, hybrid or mid-iron; 6 balls; objective: 3 out of 6 balls in flight over a distance of 60m.
  • Pitching: length 15 to 18 metres to the hole; 6 balls; objective: 2 out of 6 balls in a 6m-radius circle.
  • Chipping: length 10 to 12 metres to the hole; 6 balls; objective: 2 out of 6 balls in a 4m-radius circle.
  • Bunker: objective: 2 out of 6 balls must come to rest on the green.
  • Putting: course: 9 holes (3x 3 m, 3 x 6 m, 3 x 9 m); objective: with one ball, max. 21 strokes.
  • After passing the theory test and playing on the practice ground, the test can take place on a course approved by Swiss Golf, a 6 to 9-hole course, or a pitch & putt course.

Nach bestandener Theorieprüfung und Spielen auf der Übungsanlage kann die Prüfung auf einem von Swiss Golf homologierten Platz oder einem 6 - 9 Loch Platz, sowie einem Pitch&Putt Platz stattfinden.

C: Playing on the course (test usually held by a Swiss PGA Pro)

  • Etiquette: safety, courtesy and consideration, pace of play, priority (who has ‘right of way’), care of the course.
  • Play on the course: teeing off, long game, pitching, chipping, bunker and putting.
  • Completing the score card and converting scores into Stableford points.

The expert compares the player’s conduct on the course with the objectives of the test, based on the criteria listed above. They decide whether the test has been passed.
If the test has been held on a course approved by Swiss Golf and over 9 or 18 holes, the signed score card can be submitted as the first handicap score. This is recognised as soon as the player has obtained a Swiss Golf card from a club affiliated to Swiss Golf, or from one of the two public golf organisations (ASGI and Migros GolfCard).
A club can define further conditions for attaining the course authorisation.