HCP Review

The conducting of the handicap review is described in Rule 7.1 of the handicap rules.
The following should be taken into consideration here:
  • The handicap review should be carried out by the home club at least once a year for all players.
  • The software which calculates the handicaps draws up reports with recommendations regarding the adjustment of handicaps. The decision as to whether a handicap is adjusted within the framework of the handicap review lies with the Handicap Committee of the player’s home club. In its decision, the Handicap Committee should take into consideration all factors which give an indication of the golfing abilities of the player.
  • A player can request a handicap review if they believe that their Handicap Index no longer reflects their playing ability.
  • A player must be informed about the Handicap Review process and have the opportunity to challenge a decision.
  • The handicap is adjusted by at least one (1) full stroke. A handicap may be raised by no more than 5.0 strokes over the Handicap Index (other than in exceptional cases).
  • There is no limitation for lowering a handicap.
  • If a player’s Handicap Index is to be lowered to less than "-2.0", the agreement of Swiss Golf is required.