Scores from rounds which were played under the following conditions are accepted:
  • The score must be played for in a permitted format of play. In Switzerland, these include: Stableford, Stroke Play, Par/Bogey and Maximum Score. Scores from team competitions do not qualify in terms of affecting a handicap. Other formats of play may be admissible in other countries.
  • At least 9 or 18 holes must be played. If more than 9 but fewer than 18 holes are played, special provisions apply.
  • Play must follow the rules of golf.
  • The player must be accompanied by at least one other person or player.
  • The round has to be played on a course with currently valid course rating and slope rating.
  • The round must be played during the active season.
  • The score must be confirmed in accordance with the provisions of the handicap rules (signature of player and marker) currently in force.
  • Scores from abroad are recognised if they meet the above conditions.