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Development Programmes

Swiss Golf has various programmes aimed at making it easier for children and young people to take up golf as a sport and, ideally, play golf throughout their lives.

These development programmes reinforce the groundwork carried out in golf clubs (leisure sport) and form the basis for entry into the elite squads (top-class sport).

We offer the following programmes

  • Swiss Golf junior programme “Bronze – Silver – Gold”
  • Brevet Sportif (sports certificate)
  • Golf4Girls
  • Golf in Schools
  • Juniors around the Golf Course
  • Parents
  • Evaluation and subsidies for junior sections
  • Junior Captains’ Handbook

The Golf4Girls programme

Girls have different needs from those of boys, and different thought patterns and motives when practising sport. Only around 1/4 of all junior golfers are girls.
In order to encourage and support girls as a target group on a long-term and sustainable basis, the Golf4Girls programme was brought into being in 2017.
Golf4Girls has, for years, been classified as eligible for funding by the R&A. We should like to say thank you for that and are proud to carry this distinction!

It is possible to enrol in the Golf4Girls programme from 1st February till 31st March annually (girls only).
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Principles of G4G
  • Those permitted to take part are 7-12 year-old girls who have passed their Gold test, as well as former G4G girls from all Swiss golf clubs and affiliated associations.
  • Fully funded by Swiss Golf, supported by R&A (St. Andrews) – Equal opportunities for all girls
  • Learn about all aspects of the sport of golf
  • Make friends with other girl golfers all over Switzerland, set up a G4G network
  • Have fun, experience golf with all the senses, immerse yourself, full of curiosity, in the world of G4G
  • Safety and protection of health
  • Experience and be part of team spirit with the aid of our bright pink G4G equipment and through G4G rituals
  • Highly-motivated G4G women experts, trained in all kinds of spheres, teach in small groups (1:4 care and supervision)
  • Day camps (regional)
  • Summer camp
  • Tournament day,
  • Special G4G programme at several major ladies’ tournaments e.g. Family Day, Mini-ProAm, Clinique
  • In addition, taking part with mum, grandma or auntie in the Girls Generations Championship



Brevet Sportif (sports certificate)

A thorough knowledge of the rules of golf is fundamental for golfers. By passing the Brevet Sportif (sports certificate) test, a junior shows that he/she is able to apply the rules on the course. U21 juniors with a Brevet Sportif are allowed to play on Swiss golf courses free of charge up to 3 times a year. Juniors who meet the conditions are entered for the first test by their junior captains. After two years, holders of the Brevet Sportif are invited to take the renewal test.

Swiss Golf junior programme “Bronze – Silver – Gold”

The Swiss Golf junior tests “Bronze – Silver – Gold” are a perfect opportunity to understand the progress and development of children and young people in the sport of golf. However, they are also used by junior captains, Y+S leaders, PGA professionals and coaches to check learning goals at different levels. For the children and young people, it is a continuous source of motivation to master the tasks of the respective tests. In this way, they can recognise their own stages of progress in their learning and see how they are improving at the game of golf in all its variations all the time. It is advisable to carry out the “ability tests” on suitably adapted golf courses. In that way, children and young people can experience realistic playing situations at every level as soon as possible.

Golf in Schools

With the Golf in Schools programme, Migros reaches many young people and inspires them about golf.

Juniors around the Golf Course

We support and assist young people whose parents do not play golf (yet) and who live within a radius of approx. 10 km (6 miles or so) of a golf course and, therefore, can get to their nearest golf course independently and without the help of adults. The junior captains of the golf clubs submit applications to Swiss Golf.


Parents have a major influence on the sporting development of their children. Parents of children who play golf can develop an attitude and approach for supporting their children in the best possible way.


On the spot – Individual – Competent - By invitation

We give you the opportunity to present your juniors section. Together, we work on your strengths and identify areas with potential for improvement. Together with you, we want to foster an active culture of feedback.

Evaluation of the juniors sections

Every year, we offer the juniors sections the opportunity to self-evaluate. According to a clearly defined points system, every year we give a six-figure sum to the best-placed clubs and to the ones with the greatest increase compared to the previous year.

Junior Captains' Handbook

We make a handbook available to all those interested in the training. It explains all spheres of the juniors section of a club and offers interlinked insights. We are guided by the basic principle:

How can we, through the organisation of the work with juniors, enable children and young people to give their best and achieve their best?

We are aware that running a juniors section is very complex and multi-layered. For new junior captains, this handbook is intended to constitute a resource offering support. Incumbent junior captains can use it as a reference book for any questions that arise. As the document is updated on an ongoing basis, it requires valuable feedback in order to stay current.