Junior Captains' Corner

The junior sections of golf clubs are headed by junior captains.

«Certainly, on my own journey in Golf, the Junior Captain at my Club when I was young was the most influential person in my life outside my parents.”
Jonathan Wallet, Elite Coaching Golf Academy.

Junior captains are the cornerstones of a golf club.
Through their work and efforts, they make it possible for the juniors to enjoy and continue to enjoy playing golf and to be given fair tournament conditions. They also support the pros with the planning and organisation of coaching and many help out with the coaching. They run camps, parents’ events and information events, recruit new juniors, and look after, advise and accompany juniors on their journey in golf.

This is a varied mission but also an intensive one.
A junior captain carries out many different tasks and slips automatically into various roles, such as, for example, psychologist, parent, organiser, finance officer, press contact, rules expert, conflict manager, safety representative, friend, leader, etc. – this is not easy but is very inspiring. The shining eyes of children and happy young people are the reward.

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Starter, Scorer, Helfer

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National and regional meetings

Every year, we organise a national JC meeting as well as a meeting for junior captains twice a year in each region. These are opportunities to see each other again, exchange ideas and information, and spend a pleasant time together on the golf course. These meetings are held in spring and autumn each time, with the aim of informing the junior captains about current topics regarding young talent development.


- NL 1 coming soon
- NL 2 coming soon
- NL 3 coming soon

Meetings der Junior Captains

  • 27. Mai im Golf Club Emmental (Absage wegen Covid)
  • Region Ost: 5. November 2021 Golf Club Appenzell Gonten
  • Region West: 15. Oktober 2021 Golf Club Lausanne
  • Region Nord: tbc

Presentations "JC Spring Meetings"

Regional Meeting Ost vom 22. April  2021: Präsentation
Regional Meeting North vom 23. April 2021: Präsentation
Regional Meeting West vom 23. April 2021: Präsentation

Junior Captains’ Handbook

We invite anyone interested to take a look at various sections and chapters of the Swiss Golf Junior Captains’ Handbook. It is available online and in printed form. We are aware that running a juniors section is very complex and multi-layered. For new junior captains, this handbook is intended to constitute a resource offering support. Incumbent junior captains can use it as a reference book for any questions that arise. As the document is updated on an ongoing basis, it requires valuable feedback in order to remain current.

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Corinne Manrau

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