Unlike many other kinds of sport, golf is ideal for the whole family.
It is the only sport in which all the generations can have fun together on the driving range, putting green, short course or one of our beautiful golf courses worldwide.

Young children, in particular, learn by emulating and they need and love to receive praise from their parents and grandparents. The little ones often look at the way their families behave in terms of staying physically active through sports throughout their lives (tracking effect).

Even toddlers can be brought into contact with golf in a fun way. Their attention span grows longer as they grow older – from 5 minutes in the case of 2 year-olds, or 15 minutes for 4 year-olds.

Kids can have a lot of fun with the following 

  • Golfing equipment (clubs, balls, etc.) suitable for children
  • Children’s golf courses
  • Mother-child golfing
  • Mini or bambini (kids) coaching
  • Children’s birthdays with the motto: “I play golf!”
  • Forward tees (for shorter holes)

For information, please contact the golf clubs directly.

Golfing equipment suitable for children (tbc)

Golf clubs with children’s golf course (tbc)

Swiss Golf programmes for kids (tbc)