For the youngest children, we offer tournaments over 9 and 18 holes.
Up to the year in which they turn 12, children can take part in 9-hole qualifying tournaments. After that, they can qualify at the Regional Final over 18 holes for the U12 Final. They also have the opportunity to take part in the Swiss Championships. In addition, we offer the Golf4Girls programme especially for girls. 

If they meet the handicap conditions, U12 juniors can also take part in regional and national U14 tournaments as well as at the National Junior Championships.

Objectives of the regional tournaments: der regionalen Turniere:

  • To get to know U12 juniors from the five neighbouring clubs
  • To have fun at tournaments including outside of the home club
  • To play as many of the U12 tournaments as possible
  • To set up a children’s golf network.
  • To qualify for the U12 Regional Final / U12 Final

Objectives of the National Championships der nationalen:

  • To crown the best U12 Girls & Boys


Swiss Golf recommendations for regional junior tournaments and programm for the volunteers

Regional U12 tournaments are organised by the clubs for the juniors of the neighbouring clubs, in accordance with our handicap standards and rules. 



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