Challenge Tour

In 1986, the PGA European Tour established its so-called “Satellite Tour”, which was later renamed the Challenge Tour.

Since 1989, there has been an annual championship there, and the best players are granted the right to play in the European Tour for the coming season. The top 15 are immediately promoted in the rankings, as are those players who are able to win a tournament on the Challenge Tour three times in one season.

The season lasts from April till November. Every year, the Tour includes around 24 events. The prize money varies between EUR 185,000 and 290,000. Both tournaments, which are organised jointly with the China Tour and the final tournament in Spain, are endowed with a much higher sum. In the final, a total of EUR 420 000 is at stake for the pros..

In Switzerland, the Swiss Challenge in Sempach and the Rolex Trophy in Geneva have been part of the Challenge Tour for many years.