Third Level Tours

The Alps Tour, the Pro Golf Tour, the Nordic League and the PGA EuroPro Tour are the third level below the European and the Challenge Tour.

The Alps Tour was established in 2001 by Italy, Austria, France and Switzerland. The season runs from February till October. Tournaments are played in Egypt, France and Italy, among others. The prize money ranges between EUR 40,000 and 45,000. Switzerland is one of the founding members. Following a longer interruption, it is holding a tournament again, the “Alps Tour Links Leuk Golf Resort”, from the beginning of September.

There are also three more officially recognised tours at the third level: the PGA EuroPro Tour, which is mainly played in England, the Nordic League in the northern countries of Europe and the Pro Golf Tour, based in Germany. On all these tours, the five best players qualify, at the end of the year, for the Challenge Tour..

The Pro Golf Tour was established in 1997 and was held under the name EPD Tour up to 2012. The season lasts from January till September each time. In the final, EUR 50,000 are shared out. For the other 20 events, the sum is EUR 30,000 in each case. Switzerland has not held any more tournaments at this level for a few years.