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Why play Golf

It is estimated that more than 60 million people worldwide play golf. That makes golf one of the most popular types of sport overall. And there are good reasons for this. Because golf is …

For all ages:

From 6 to 100 years of age, it doesn’t matter: whether you start early or only discover golf later on in life. You can enjoy playing golf at any age.


Anyone can play with anyone else, regardless of golfing ability, status and name, age or gender. Not everyone does it to win trophies. Sociability is often first and foremost. And, in golf, that is where the emphasis lies – while playing, and at least as much afterwards at the famous "19th hole". You can play all your life and forge friendships that accompany you throughout.


Of course, the way a 20 year-old plays golf is not necessarily the same as the way a 70 year-old plays. And yet both play the same course and experience equal pleasure in good shots and the same frustration with bad ones. The fact remains that golf is a healthy sporting activity: you walk for around 6 miles or more, spend time in the fresh air, burn a fair number of calories and reduce stress - all with a relatively low risk of injury.

Close to nature and sustainable

Golf is green. Around 70% of a golf course is entirely or almost entirely free of human impact. The natural meadows, woodlands and stretches of water are a valuable sanctuary for animals and a perfect habitat for a whole host of different plant species. Moreover, golf courses are often located in the most beautiful parts of the world, making a round of golf a real pleasure.


School of life

Golf is a challenge you set yourself. You practise strategic thinking in order to successfully overcome the vagaries and difficulties of the course, test your concentration afresh each time, and also to learn how to handle setbacks, because in golf, you are always learning. Fairness and correct conduct take pride of place in our sport.