The 10 golden rules

Golf is green – that’s true not just of the grass on which it is played. Golfers have a marked affinity for sustainability. Golf gives players numerous opportunities to behave in a “greener” way. To enable the sustainably “green” enjoyment of golf, we recommend the following:
  • Be sporty… walk or cycle to the golf course.
  • Be socially conscious… travel longer distances by public transport or car-share with your flight partners.
  • Be tradition-conscious… use wooden tees and this way you avoid microplastics in our ground water.
  • Be shrewd… don’t expect the grass to be completely green during hot, dry summers; grass is robust, while other plants required water more urgently.
  • Be considerate… respect the habitats of animals and plants, keep away from biotopes. If your ball doesn’t stick to that rule, leave it where it is and say a quiet “bye-bye” to it as you drop another. 
  • Be a forward-planner… take drinks and snacks with you on the course in reusable containers.
  • Be committed… separate rubbish and, if required, ask club managers to install several rubbish bins (PET, paper and residual waste).
  • Be a trendsetter… put up insect and bird houses at home and ask the club to do the same on the course.
  • Be thrifty… don’t waste electricity.
  • Be efficient… even quick showers get you clean and save water.
  • Be a golfing ambassador… tell your friends and acquaintances how sustainable and healthy golf is and improve the image of our sport.
The 10 golden rules (de)